The Complete Performance Review Toolkit
2nd Edition

 Complete Performance Review 2nd Edition

Don’t believe the hype—performance reviews do work!

Performance reviews don’t have to be the bane of the employment relationship existence.

In fact, they are an excellent way to strengthen the employer-employee relationship.

Evaluating your employees’ performance isn’t just good management—it’s legally important too. Organizations that fail to document employee shortcomings and the steps managers take to correct problem behaviors risk lawsuits when they fire workers or even just refuse to promote them. This makes having a thorough performance review protocol even more important, which is why your organization needs this toolkit.

The Complete Performance Review Toolkit, 2nd Edition teaches you how to prepare for and conduct employee reviews in an easy to understand step-by-step fashion. You will learn the mistakes to avoid and the best practices to follow. Best of all, you will receive customizable and print-ready forms that will save you time, help you document results and make it simple for you to administer more effective performance reviews—starting today.

The Complete Performance Review Toolkit, 2nd Edition is packed with everything you need to prepare for and conduct both informal and formal evaluations. You will learn how to prepare for performance evaluations, including how to choose the right words to inspire your workers rather than trigger their defenses.

This training toolkit contains the following sections:

  • Section 1: The Power of Ongoing Feedback. This section will help you develop the important habit of regularly providing both positive and constructive feedback. That’s vital not only to improving performance but also to retaining your best staff members.
  • Section 2: The 90-Day Evaluation. This section prepares you for a new hire’s first formal review, the 90-day evaluation. You will discover how to prepare not only yourself but also the employee for this meeting.
  • Section 3: The Annual Evaluation. If you dread annual performance reviews, Section 3 will turn around your attitude by making the process painless. It will show you how to lay the groundwork, conduct the meeting and avoid four common mistakes that managers make.
  • Section 4: Holding a Salary Review. We strongly urge you to prepare for and hold a separate meeting to discuss salary. This section will walk you through planning and executing that discussion.

This multi-media toolkit includes

  • An 83-page workbook that is stuffed full of best practices, guides, tips, assessments and more.
  • A 60-minute audio conference, The Future of Performance Reviews and PowerPoint presentation.
  • A customizable, print-ready forms CD that is loaded with forms you can customize to make conducting your performance reviews painless--but effective.

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