The Game Changer:
Motivational Accountability

Is there enough accountability in your office? We’re not talking about just “placing blame” when things go wrong. We’re talking about real accountability and being responsible for job performance.

Accountability is the antidote for a lot of what ails workplaces today, like miscommunication, missed deadlines, not hitting numbers, conflict, low productivity, and employee apathy. It enhances morale, profitability—even engagement—which leads to better overall results. Accountability makes everyone’s job easier and contributes to a stronger team.

Yet too often accountability gets left in the dust. If expectations are not clearly defined, holding people responsible for their actions is challenging. Without clarity of direction, team members are in essence being paid to guess and cannot be counted on to deliver the desired results consistently.

In this session we’ll debunk the negativity around accountability and explore the 4 Stages of Accountability:

  1. Understanding the big picture and goals
  2. Setting performance expectations and involvement
  3. Monitoring progress—manager and self monitoring
  4. Feedback—good and corrective performance acknowledgement

Prioritizing accountability begins with each person understanding how what they do every day contributes to the bottom line—and it wraps it up with giving appropriate positive or corrective feedback.

Accountability is motivational when done correctly. Team members will thank you for this process with increased self-generated motivation! Sign up today for the 4 easy steps that will help you put this process—and see results—in your own office immediately.

Learning Objectives:

  • How is accountability motivational to all generations?
  • 4 essential stages that make managing for accountability simple
  • The two-sided coin of accountability—the negative and positive aspects to watch and balance
  • Start speaking the language of accountability immediately (and replace the negative anti-accountability language you’re probably using now)

Presented by:

Terri Norvell

Terri Norvell is your expert on individual and team leadership, management and sales performance. She brings over 20 years of corporate office experience, including frontline management and leadership experience as VP of a $1.2 billion dollar property management and development company and GM of a $9 million dollar temporary housing firm. Terri proves that thinking differently leads to different, positive results. Through keynote speaking, corporate workshops and professional coaching, she assists teams in increasing the bottom line through measurable achievement. Fore more information, contact

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  • Managers
  • Directors
  • Executives
  • Supervisors

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Length: 1 hour 30 minutes

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